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How to Get a List of Stored Procedures Within a Database

There are different ways of listing all stored procedures within a database.  The first first method is with the INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES system view.  The INFORMATION_SCHEMA.ROUTINES system view contains one row for each stored procedure and function accessible to the current user in the current database.  Since only stored procedures are needed, the ROUTINE_TYPE needs to be filtered out for a value of ‘PROCEDURE’:

SELECT [Routine_Name] 

Another way of getting a list of stored procedures within a database is with the sp_stored_procedures system stored procedure.  The sp_stored_procedures system stored procedure returns a list of stored procedures and user-defined functions in the current environment.  The list returned by the sp_stored_procedures includes system stored procedures as well.  To limit the list to user-defined stored procedures, the owner of the stored procedure needs to be passed as a parameter:

EXECUTE [dbo].[sp_stored_procedures] @sp_owner ='dbo'

The third way of getting a list of stored procedures is by querying the different system views and system tables, namely the sys.procedures, sys.objects, sys.all_objects, and dbo.sysobjects:

SELECT [Name] FROM [sys].[procedures]
SELECT [Name] FROM [sys].[objects] WHERE [type] = 'P'
SELECT [Name] FROM [sys].[all_objects] WHERE [Type] = 'P' AND [Is_MS_Shipped] = 0
SELECT [Name] FROM [dbo].[sysobjects] WHERE [XType] = 'P'

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