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SQL Server 2012 Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts - Solution Explorer

SQL Server 2012 Management Studio offers users two keyboard schemes.  By default, it uses the SQL Server 2012 scheme, with keyboard shortcuts based on Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.  Management Studio also offers a keyboard scheme similar to the standard scheme from SQL Server 2008 R2.  To change the keyboard scheme or add additional keyboard shortcuts, on the Tools menu, click Options.  Select the desired keyboard scheme on the Environment, Keyboard page.

Action SQL Server 2012 SQL Server 2008 R2
Display Solution Explorer CTRL+ALT+L CTRL+ALT+L
Display the New File dialog box to create a new file CTRL+N CTRL+N
Display the New Project dialog box to create a new project CTRL+SHIFT+N CTRL+SHIFT+N
Display the Open File dialog box to open an existing file CTRL+O CTRL+O
Change the name of the selected object F2 No Equivalent

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